Recyclable Packaging Film

Through our partnership in the Sustainable Packaging Coalition® How2Recycle® program, we have multiple options for store drop-off recyclable pouches.
Recyclable Packaging Film.Supplied on a roll to your specifications, printed film can be turned into any packaging format during the form, fill and seal process.

Our current options include a non-barrier and barrier stand up pouch featuring the following benefits:

  • Excellent barrier to moisture multilayer structure
  • FDA product compliant for direct food contact
  • Features 5 channel audible-tactile locking zipper
  • Qualifies for How2Recycle® Store Drop-off label

Product Detail

Product Tags

Qualifes for How2Recycle@ in-store drop off.

Features & Benefits

  • Low seal initiation temperature — allows for higher run speeds on form/fill/seal applications
  • High heat resistance — allows higher seal bar temperatures for faster form/fill/seal speeds
  • Reduced risk of burn-through and pouch deformation during sealing
  • Excellent gloss and clarity
  • Standard barrier and high oxygen barrier structures
  • Available in Signature Surfaces Paper Touch, Matte and Gloss
Technical Aspects

Recyclable Packaging Film.Supplier in rolls in flexible packaging, we carry roll films according to your specifications. The print films can run at high speed and smoothly on vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machine . After folding, filling and sealing, the roll film can be made into any bag type. Widely used in small packaging industry, also the most-efficient, low cost option.

Product Identification

Our Recyclable Packaging Film specifically caters to vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) applications. Laser scoring technology can also be applied to your finished product upon request.

Recyclable Packaging Film.Our Recyclable Packaging Film uses recyclable material that provide the most efficient end-of-life process whilst maintaining shelf life quality. We can print up to 10 colors on rotogravure. With years of technical experience, we understand how important it is to apply the proper specification on form fill seal machines



> Polyethylene-based film > Polypropylene-based film
> Excellent heat resistance for high-speed form/fill/seal applications > Higher heat resistance than standard OPP strctures for better form/fill/seal speeds
> Standard moisture barrier > Excellent moisture, mineral oil and grease barrier
>Standard moisture barrier > Excellent moisture, mineral oil and grease barrier
> Surface printed with protective overprint varnish > Reverse or surface printed
> Pre-qualified for  store drop-off recyclable and Sustainable Packaging Coalition® How2Recycle® polyethylenefilm collection streams > > Pre-qualified for  store drop-off recyclable and Sustainable Packaging Coalition® How2Recycle® polyethylenefilm collection streams
Product Performance Regulatory Application
Seal Strength Water Vapor Transmission Rate


Transmission Rate

FDA 21CFR 177.1520


(EU) 10/2011*


Hot Fill

EPP-ILM-STST  >25N/15mm (lock seal)  <30g / m2 / day (90.0µ film) Standard barrier <500cc / m2 / (90.0µ film) Standard barrier
EPP-ILM-HBS >30N/15mm (lock seal) <3g / m2 / day (90.0µ film) Standard barrier <1cc / m2 / (90.0µ film) Standard barrier


Plastics are durable, lightweight and inexpensive materials.They can readily be molded into various products which find uses in a plethora of applications. Every year, more than 100 million tons of plastics are manufactured across the globe.Around 200 billion pounds of new plastic material is theromoformed, foamed, laminated and extruded into millions of packages and products.Consequently, the reuse, recovery and the recycling of plastics are extremely important.In search for a solution to meet the challenge of finding a more sustainable alternative, Jiahe evergreen packaging has developed the 100% Polyethylene (PE) Pouch. The solution makes use of only one raw material in its structure, the polyethylene, what makes its recycling easier both in the pre and post consumption stages, wherever there is a chain, it is possible to use the international recyclability symbols:4(LDPE) instead of 7(others), representing benefits for the whole recycling chain.


How2Recycle Label Program

Each version of our store drop-off recyclable pouch meets the requirements for the How2Recycle® store drop-off program2. Follow these four easy steps to complete the recycling process.

1.Make sure pouch is completely empty
2.Shake out any loose crumbs or food residue
3.Remove any remaining liquid inside pouch
4.Drop off at your participating local store

Brands and companies who are interested in using our recyclable pouches will need to become members of the How2Recycle® store drop-off program in order to use the label on their own custom-printed pouch.

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