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Our compostable packaging options include a selection of materials to build your bag out of that are industrially and/or ambient (home) compostable. Many of our 5000 series of materials are compostable yet also provide the barrier you need to protect your product and provide shelf stability. We have FCN approved compostable packaging solutions that will compost under ambient conditions, are made of renewable resources. These materials truly are the future of barrier technology. We are always partnering with film makers to offer our customers the newest innovations in compostable barriers, made of bio-plastics such as Sugarcane, corn, and casava.

  • Environmentally Friendly and Green products
  • Both Recyclable and ambient compostable are both available.
  • Enhanced barriers and multiple thickness options.

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Compostable Packaging Material

To provide customers with the most advanced offerings in compostable products we work with film suppliers / laminators with a wide selection of compostable and biodegradable materials. Compostable packaging options are evolving and always changing, and we plan to add more material options in the future.

BioKraft / BioClear


BioCareKraft and BioClear are compostable packaging materials great for most dry and semi-dry food items. Both materials provide barrier protection and can be composted. We have several thickness options to increase visual appeal and barrier.

  • Exceptional Price points and order sizes
  • Multiple thicknesses
  • Compatible with most pouch configuration
  • Printable

Compostable Packaging Certifications

There are multiple levels of certifications, both by industry associations as well as governmental organizations. Generally there are two types of compostable packaging first are industrially compostable materials, which can be composted in a industrial composter, and second are home compostable (ambient) which can compost under standard home composting environments. The process of composting requires a combination of temperature, microbial life, water, oxygen, and other factors.

Several labeling schema have been developed to identify the compostable and disposal characteristics of compostable packaging materials. DIN Certco and Vincotte being the two many organizations pushing these labeling standards.


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Compostable Packaging

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Compostable Packaging Film

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